Nubank . No more Bureaucracy! "Edu"
"Edu, the boy who Controled Everything" - A Short Strory animation for Nubank

No more bureaucracy! Bank tasks can't longer take up your precious time. Nubank brings a campaign that shows its facilities services, solving bureaucracies that make the simplest things of your day in something difficult a lot. We have produced animations to illustrate that idea and, exploring funny key-visuals to communicate these bank features to your customers.

Agency | Client _

Motionhand _
Animation Direction, 2D Animation, Compositing, Post-production and Effects.

Black Madre _ 
Creative Direction, Scripting, Storyboard, Concept and Art & Illustration. 

Creative Direction: André Maciel
Lead & Animation Direction: Estevão Puggina
Setup & Rigging: Tiago Castro
Character Animation: Mykael Sobreira
Compositing: Filipe Porim
Animation: Filipe Porim, Ullisses Soares, Tiago Castro
Character Model Sheet: Cesar M


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